As I get my PhD

Things have been a little quiet. Mostly, I’ve been working on finishing my last year of PhD.

A month ago, I went to the bank to set up our checking account for Reclaim International. I’m told this means we can take tax-deductible/charitable donations. This non-profit was created to facilitate our Kickstarter. As I’m getting a PhD, I only have time to learn a little as I go, but I’m sure there is a lot more for this non-profit to do.

A couple weeks ago, I spoke with a Stanford professor, who was from South Africa. As we prepare for this trip, we thought to include some stops in South Africa, since we aren’t able to fly straight to Mozambique anyhow. For now, I told him, I’m at the mercy of my relationships with people. It’s a mix of feelings like what you are about to do may have a great impact on the world to whether you could really accomplish it all to why people would so willingly support you.

On Monday, David (EE PhD UCSC) and I went to the media company, MasterWerks, to set up a timeline for things:

  • Next week we will have a monolog for the Kickstarter video
  • The following week, we’re going to see who’s willing to be in the video
  • The cast will/may include PhDs/Grad Students from Stanford, Berkeley, UC San Francisco, UC Santa Cruz, and UC San Diego
  • We plan to start filming after Thanksgiving
  • We want the KS video up in January
  • Run the KS for somewhere between 30-60 days

This media company is no joke. I was told by a well respected person in the tech world that MasterWerks does work for top clients and is the best the business. I can’t believe they are helping us. Check out their demo reel.

US from MasterWerks on Vimeo.

Anyhow, that’s my update. I realize that, if you are just joining the conversation now, you may not have a clear idea as to what we are doing. I’ll work on adding a page that summarizes more of this journey.

– Sherol

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