We are more or less a group of friends, who came together because we are or were trying to become doctors and academics in the California bay area. Eventually, we realized that there was more we could be doing, so we are in the midst of putting together our non-profit organization to find out what is possible, and live for the best world we can achieve in our lifetimes.

“We aim to see the passions of professionals and experts applied towards creative solutions to complex problems, sharing the story of our projects and building a community of support for one another and endeavors around the world.”

Article Categories:

  • Updates – News and updates directly related to our current projects.
  • Opinions – Our own opinions that do not necessarily represent the group. Anything possibly controversial goes here.
  • Vocation – Thoughts and ideas in regards to our specializations.
  • Personal – Information about our memories, our friends, and how it all comes together.
  • Current Events – These are our insights and highlights about what’s currently going on in the world around us.